​​​" ​To save one life is worth it ...
​It is pretty amazing what these machines can do."
​​​​​Darren Schroh - Schroh Arena
  Saskatoon Heart Safe Locations as of May 1, 2017
  ACT/UCT Council 1031
  Aberdeen Rec Complex
  Aberdeen Community Hall
  Aberdeen RM Office
  Aden Bowman Collegiate
  Adesa Canada
  AECOM x 2 Units
  Affinity Credit Union 7th Avenue x2 Units
  Ag Quest
  Agra Foundation x2 Units
  AgriPlace - Canlan Ice Sports
  Agriculture & Agri Food Canada x 4 Units
  AIDS Saskatoon
  Airline Hotels - Head Office
  Airline Hotels - Country Inn & Suites
  Akzo Nobel Chemicals
  All Saints Anglican Church
  Al Anderson's Source for Sports
  ALS Laboratory Group 
  Alvin Buckwold School
  AMEC Research Drive
  AMEC Millar Avenue
  Anavents Unit #38
  Ardent Mills x2 Units
  Areva Resources-Main Office
  Areva Resources-Exploration Building
  Areva Resources-Engineering Building
  Arrow Tire 46th Street East
  Arrow Tire 51st Street East
  ASL Paving x19 Units
  Association of Saskatchewan Realtors
  Associated Engineering
  Astro Towing
  Atrium Eye Centre-Fyidoctors 1st Ave N
  Augustana Lutheran Church
  Aurora Reproductive Care
  Auto Clearing 
  Avord Tower

  BASF Thatcher Avenue
  BASF Downey Road
  Bayer CropScience
  Beaver Creek
  Bedford Road Collegiate
  Bethlehem High School
  Bethany Manor
  Bergthaler Mennonite Church Warman
  Bhp Billton 3rd Ave S
  Bhp Billton 2ndAve S
  Biomed Recovery & Disposal
  Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.
  Bio Processing Centre/POS BPC Manufacturing Corp.
  Bishop Filevich School
  Bishop James Mahoney High School
  Bishop Klein School
  Bishop Murray High School
  Bishop Pocock School
  Bourassa & Associates
  Brevoort Park School
  Brownell School
  Bishop Roborecki School
  Brunskill School
  Brunner's Construction
  Buckberger Baerg & Partners LLP
  Buckwold Western 
  Buena Vista School
  Butler Byers 4th Ave N
  Butler Byers 8th Street East

  Cameco - Corporate Office x4 Units
  Cameco - Northend
  Cameco - Exploration
  Cameco Operations Centre
  Camp Tamarack x2 Units
  Canada Building Dental Group
  Canpotex x3 Units
  Caroline Robins School
  Cardinal Leger School
  Cargill - Clavet Crush Plant x2 Units
  Caswell School
  CBC Radio
  Community Clinic Westside
  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - 10th Street East
  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Fairmont Drive
  Circle Drive Alliance Church
  Centenial Collegiate
  Construction Fasteners & Tools
  Chemtrade Logistics
  Cherry Insurance
  City of Saskatoon -  ACT Arena
  City of Saskatoon -  ACT Arena-Figure Skating
  City of Saskatoon - Archibald Arena
  City of Saskatoon - Cosmo Civic Centre
  City of Saskatoon - Electronic Shop City Yards
  City of Saskatoon - Clarence Downey Oval
  City of Saskatoon - Forestry Farm Park and Zoo x3 Units
  City of Saskatoon - Holiday Park Golf Course x3 Units
  City of Saskatoon - Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre x2 Units
  City of Saskatoon - Wild Wood Golf Course x2 Units
  City of Saskatoon - Aspen Ridge Land Development
  City of Saskatoon - Kensington Land Development
  City of Saskatoon-Civic Square East x 3 locations
  City of Saskatoon - York Building
  City of Saskatoon - Land Branch
  City of Saskatoon - Meter Shop
  City of Saskatoon - Facilities & Fleet-Nutana Branch
  City of Saskatoon - Construction & Design
  City of Saskatoon - City Hall x4 Units
  City of Saskatoon-City Impound
  City of Saskatoon-Purchasing Services
  City of Saskatoon-Inventory & Disposal Services
  City of Saskatoon-John Deere Building
  City of Saskatoon - Lathey Pool
  City of Saskatoon-Landfill
  City of Saskatoon - Mayfair Pool
  City of Saskatoon Public Library - Alice Turner Branch 
  City of Saskatoon Public Library - Carlyle King Branch 
  City of Saskatoon Public Library - Cliff Wright Branch 
  City of Saskatoon Public Library - J.S. Wood Branch 
  City of Saskatoon Public Library - The Library on 20th Street Branch 
  City of Saskatoon Public Library - Rusty MacDonald Branch 
  City of Saskatoon Public Library - Stonebridge Branch 
  City of Saskatoon - Sign & Paint Shop
  City of Saskatoon-Vic Rempel Yards x2 Units
  City of Saskatoon-Water Treatment Plant
  City of Saskatoon-Waste Water Treatment Plant
  City of Saskatoon - George Ward Pool 
  City of Saskatoon - Gordon Howe Campground
  City of Saskatoon - Saskatoon Police Service x12 Units
  City of Saskatoon - Field House x4 Units
  City of Saskatoon - Silverwood Golf Course x2 Units
  City of Saskatoon - Transit Services
  City of Saskatoon - Saskatoon Transit 
  City of Saskatoon - Access Transit 
  City of Saskatoon - Vehicle & Equipment Shop
  City of Saskatoon - Saskatoon Light & Power x6 Units
  City of Saskatoon - Shaw Centre x2 Units
  City of Saskatoon - Riversdale Pool
  City of Saskatoon - Public Works, City Yards & Stores
  City of Saskatoon Public Library
  City of Saskatoon - Potash Corp Playland (Kinsmen Park) 
  City of Saskatoon Public Library Mayfair Branch
  City of Saskatoon - Lions Arena
  City of Saskatoon - Lawson Heights Civic Centre
  City of Saskatoon - Lakewood Civic Centre
  City of Saskatoon - Kiwanis Park North
  City of Saskatoon - Kinsmen Arena
  City Centre Bingo
  City Park Collegiate
  Clavet Community Arena x2 Units
  Certified Mining & Construction Sales & Rental
  Cervus Ag Equipment Ltd.
  CN Curling Club
  Case New Holland x4 Units
  Case New Holland - Saskatoon Training Centre x2 Units
  College Park School
  Colliers McClocklin Spadina Crescent East
  Colliers McClocklin  4th Avenue South
  Colliers McClocklin-SGEU Building
  Colliers McClocklin-First Nations Bank Canada 
  Community Clinic 1st Avenue North
  Community Clinic 2nd Avenue North
  Concorde Group
  Concentra Financial
  Confederation Park School
  Cosmopolitan Industries Ltd
  College Park Dental
  College Park Covenant Church
  Cornerstone Church
  Condo's on Cartwright
  Craven Sport Services 2nd Avenue
  Craven Sport Services Alberta Avenue
  Canadian Red Cross
  Crestline Coach Ltd x2 Units
  Crisis Nursery
  Commercial Sand Blasting & Painting x3 Units
  Continental Mine & Industrial Supply
  Claude Resources Inc/Silver Standard
  Cosmopolitan Courts
  Croatia Industries Ltd.
  Cross Roads PioneerActivity Centre
  CTV Television

  Dakota Dunes Golf Links x2 Units
  Dakota Dunes Casino
  Daytona Homes
  Delisle Primary Health Centre
  Delisle Seniors Centre
  Delisle Centennial Arena
  Delisle Golf & Country Club Inc.
  Deloitte and Touche LLP
  Dias Geophysical-Mobile Trailer
  Delta Bessborough Hotel
  Dr. DeVilliers Office
  Dr. John G. Egnatoff School
  Dr. Akhtar' Office
  Dr. Kendall & Wilson Optometrists
  Dream Asset Management Corporation (Dundee Developments)
  D & S Homes/Slater Developments
  Dundonald School
  Dow AgroSciences - Dr. Jack McFaull Bldg -
  Dynaventure / Co-operators

  Earls Restaurant 
  Erindale Alliance Church
  Ebenezer Baptist Church
  Ecco Supply
  Ecole River Heights School
  E.D. Feehan High School
  Envirotec Services x3 Units
  Evan Hardy Collegiate
  E. I. Du Pont Canada Company
  Elks Lodge
  Engineered Pipe Group
  Ens Lexus Toyota x2 Units
  Ens Collision Centre
  Ens Industrial Sales
  ERCO Worldwide (Sterling Pulp Chemicals) x2 Units
  Ecole St. Gerard School
  Ecole St. Paul School
  Elim Lodge x2 Units
  Elim Tabernacle
  Emmanuel Village Condominium Corp.
  Ernst & Young

  Fairhaven School
  Father Vachon School
  FedEx Canada Ground Operations
  Federated Co-operatives Ltd
  Federated Co-operatives Ltd-Warehouse x2 Units
  FCL Propane
  Forest Grove Community Church
  Fort Garry Industries
  Flaman Group of Companies
  Fleetguide Truck & Trailer Repairs
  Forest Grove School
  Fortis Engineering
  Fortis Engineering - Mechanic Shop
  Fortis Mining
  Four Points by Sheraton Stonebridge x2 Units
  Father Robinson School
  Fresh Dental
  Frontline Truck and Trailer
  Furniture World

  Gabriel Dumont Technical Institute x2 Units
  55+ Slo-Pitch League
  Galleria Bldg-Innovation Place
  German Cultural Centre
  Ginger Lofts Condo Corporation
  Global TV
  Golder & Associates - 2nd Avenue North
  Golder Associates - 8th Street East
  Graham Construction
  Granite Curling Club
  Grain Millers
  Greenbryre Golf Course
  Greystone Heights School
  Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Head Office x6 Units
  Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Service Centre
  George Vanier School
  Great Western Brewing Company
  Gordie Howe Sports Centre (Saskatoon Minor Football Field) x2 Units

  Habitat For Humanity Restore
  Hamm Construction
  Hamption Free Methodist Church
  Heinrichs Orthodontics
  Holy Cross High School x2 Units
  Holy Family School
  Humboldt Electric LTD. x2 locations
  Heart & Stroke Foundation of Sask
  Henry Kelsey School
  Hitachi (Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Canada Ltd.) x2 Units
  Harold Latrace Arena
  Herold Road Family Physicians
  Horizon Laser Centre
  Holliston School
  Holy Family Cathedral
  Holy Trinity Ukranian Orthodox Auditorium
  Howard Coad School
  Holy Spirit Parish
  Holy Resurrection Monastery
  Hugh Cairns V.C School
  Hundseth Power Line Construction

  ICR Commercial Real Estate
  Inland Aggregate
  Innovation Place - Boffins Club
  Innovation Place - Atrium Building
  Innovation Place - Concourse Building
  Innovation Place 
  Investors Group
  IWL Steel Fabricators x2 locations
  Independent Grocers

  James L. Alexander School
  Jay's Transportation Group
  Jay's Moving & Storage Ltd.
  Jemini Arena -  Canlan Ice Sports x2 Units
  JNE Welding x 3 Units
  John Lake School
  John Dolan School

  Kenderdine Dental
  Keys Welding Service
  Kilburn Hall Youth Centre x2 Units
  King George School
  Kinsmen Manor
  Knox United Church

  Lafarge x5 Units
  Lakeside Medical Clinic
  Lakeridge School
  Lakeview School
  Lawson Heights School
  Lawson Dental
  Legion Manor
  Lighthouse Supported Living
  Legends Dental Centre-Warman
  Lenore Centre Medical Clinic
  Lester B. Pearson School
  Lawson Heights Mall
  London Drugs - 8th Street East
  London Drugs - Lawson Heights Mall
  Loraas Disposal x3 locations

  Maple Leaf Consumer Foods
  Market Mall
  Market Tire x3 locations
  Martensville Arena
  Martensville Curling Club
  Martensville City Hall
  Martensville Athletic Pavillion (MAP Centre) x2 Units
  Martensville Northridge Centennial Community Centre
  Martensville Aquatic Centre
  Mawson Health & Fitness
  Mayfair School
  MacPherson, Leslie and Tyerman
  Mayfair United Church
  McDougall Gauley LLP
  McKercher, McKercher & Whitmore LLP
  Marion Graham Collegiate
  Meewasin Skating Rink
  Meridian Surveys
  Midtown Plaza x2 Units
  Millenium III Group of Companies
  Millsap Fuel Distributors Ltd.
  Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure
  Minister of Justice-Family Law
  Maple Leaf Consumer Distribution Centre
  McClure United Church
  McClure Place Association (Tower)
  McNeil Fitness Centre & Gymnasium
  MNP Building x2 Units
  Montgomery School
  Mount Royal Mennonite Church
  Mourning Glory Funeral Services
  Mount Royal Collegiate
  Mother Theresa School

 New Horizon Seniors Hall Martensville
  Nutana Curling Club
  Northern Strands
  Northridge Developments
  North Park Wilson School
  North Prairie Developments Ltd.
  National Parole Board
  National Research Council
  Nutana Collegiate
  Nutana Park Mennonite Church

  Oliver Lodge
  Optimist Club of Saskatoon
  Oskayak High School

  Parkridge Centre
  Persephone Theatre
  P & H Milling Group
  Pioneer Hi-Bred Production Ltd
  Pike Lake Provincial Park x4 Units
  Pleasant Hill School
  Pope John Paul School
  Porteous Lodge
  Pounder Emulsions
  Potash Corp Head Office x10 Units
  Princess Alexandra School
  Provincial Court House
  Precision Electro Mechanical
  Preston Dental Centre
  Prince Philip School
  Proline Motor Sports
  PSI Technologies Inc. x2 Units
  Public Prosecutions Office
  Price Waterhouse Coopers

  Q-Line Trucking x3 Units
  Queen Elizabeth School
  Queen's Bench Court House

  Regency Advisory Corporation
  Remax-East Office
  Remax-North Office
  Rawlco Radio
  RBC Dominion Securities
  Riverside Badminton & Tennis Club
  RCMP - Saskatoon x2 Units
  Redeemer Lutheran Church
  Redhead Equipment
  Renaissance Condominium
  Resurrection Lutheran Church
  Riverside Golf & Country Club
  River Landing Dental
  Rheumatology Associates - Infusion Centre
  Richardson Milling Limited
  Ritchie Bros Auctioneers x4 Units
  Robb Kullman Engineering
  Roland Michener School
  Ronald McDonald House
  Robertson Stromberg Pederson Law Office
  Royal Canadian Legion-Nutana Branch
  Royal Canadian Legion-Branch #63
  Royal Canadian Legion-TVS Branch

  Saskatoon John J. Diefenbaker Airport x2 Units
  Safway - 56th Street East
  Salvation Army
  Sanctum Care Group
  Sandvik Mining
  Saputo Dairy x2 Units
  Sask Water
  Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club
  Saskatoon Church of Christ
  Saskatoon Colostrum Co.
  Saskatoon Christian School
  Saskatoon Farmers Market
  Saskatoon Hilltops
  Saskatoon Kinsmen Football League
  Saskatoon Funeral Home
  Saskatoon HotShot Transporter
  Sask Energy - Construction North x3 Units
  Sask Energy - Saskatoon Customer Services Centre
  Sask Energy - Materials Management/Salvage
  Sask Energy - Saskatoon Training Centre
  Sask Energy - Saskatoon Meter Shop
  Sask Power - QEPS x5 Units
  Sasktel Centre x5 Units
  SaskTel x2 Units
  Saskatchewan Blue Cross
  Saskatoon Boiler Mfg. Co. Ltd.
  Saskatoon Correctional Centre x4 Units
  Saskatoon Processing Co
  Saskatoon Endodontics
  Schroh Arena
  Shermco Industries
  Saskatchewan Abilities Council x3 Units
  Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association
  Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies-Saskatoon Head Office
  Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies-Saskatoon Campus 1
  Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies-Saskatoon Campus 2
  Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies-Saskatoon Hangar
  Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies-Saskatoon Welding Trades
  Sutherland Dental Group
  SED Systems
  Saskatoon Food Bank
  Saskatoon Golf & Country Club
  Shearwater River Cruises-Prairie Lily
  Sheraton Cavalier x2 Units
  SHR -  North East Health Centre
  SHR South East Health Centre
  SHR - Idylwyld Health Centre x2 Units
  SHR - West Winds Primary Health Centre
  SHR - Our Neighborhood Health Centre
  SHR/Cameco - Community Renal Health Centre
  SHR - Live Well Diabetes Aim 4 Health x 2 Units
  Saskatoon Shrine Club/Masonic Temple
  SGI - Saskatoon Central Claims
  SGI - Saskatoon General Claims
  SGI - Saskatoon Salvage
  SGI - Saskatoon West Claims
  SGI - Saskatoon East Claims
  Sierras of Erindale
  SIAST-Saskatchewan Polytechnic Administrative Offices
  SIAST 4th Avenue 
  SIAST Alberta Avenue
  SIAST Idylwyld Drive x7 Units
  SIAST English Crescent
  SIAST Rusholme Road
  SIAST Ontario Avenue
  SIAST 33rd Street
  Silverspring School
  Silverwood Heights School
  Sister O'Brien School
  St. Anne's School
  St. Edward School
  St. John's Anglican Church
  St. Bernard School
  St. Dominic School
  St. George School
  St. John School
  St. Joseph High School
  St. Joseph's Home
  St. Michael School
  St. Martin's United Church
  St. Paul's Co-Cathedral
  Saints Peter and Paul Ukranian Catholic Church
  St. Philip Neri Church
  St. Philip's School
  Saskatchewan Crop Insurance
  Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company
  Saskatchewan Pipe & Industry
  Sask Power - Fletcher Rd x2 Units
  Saskatoon Kinsmen Soccer Centre
  Saskatchewan Teachers Federation x2 Units
  St. Luke School
  Snap Fitness
  Saskatoon Pediatric Dentistry x2 Units
  Saskatoon Prairieland Park x5 Units
  Saskatoon Public School Division
  Saskatchewan Research Council x6 Units 
  Sasktel Sports Centre
  602 Lynx Wing (RCAFA)
  Stantec x2 Units
  St. Anne's Church
  Startco x2 Units
  St. Augustine School
  Saskatoon Tribal Council
  St. John Ambulance x3 Units
  Saskatoon French School
  Saskatoon Indian & Metis Friendship Inn
  Saskatoon Muzzle Loading Club
  Saskatoon Naturopathic Medicine
  St. Angela School
  St. Frances School
  St. Marguerite School
  St. Maria Goretti School
  St. Mark School
  St. Mary's Wellness & Education Centre x2 Units
  St. Mathew School
  St. Mary's Parish
  St. Patrick Parish Centre
  St. Thomas More College x2 Units
  St. Peter School
  St. Thomas Westly United Church
  St. Volodymyr School
  Steel Craft Doors Sales & Services Ltd.
  Stensrud Lodge
  Stevenson Hood Thornton Beaubier LLP
  Suer and Pollon Mechanical
  Suncor Energy Product Partnership
  Superior Cabinets
  Supreme Office Products Limited
  Summit Wellness Inc.
  Sutherland Curling Club
  Sutherland School

  Team Power Solutions
  TCU Place
  Tommy Douglas Collegiate
  The Bull
  The Franklin
  The Lung Assoiation
  The MediClinic
  The Medicine Shoppe Central Avenue
  The Rent-It Store
  The Star Phoenix
  The Saskatoon Club
  The Saskatoon Bridge Club
  The Star Group
  The Western Producer
  3s Health-C-Factor-Saskatoon Office
  Top Shot Concrete x2 Units
  Travelodge Hotel
  Tuscany Ridge Condos

  U of S - Facilities Management - Heat Plant
  Ukranian Catholic Dormition
  United Rentals
  U of S - College of Dentistry
  U of S - College of Engineering x3 Units
  U of S - Council of Health Sciences x2 Units
  U of S Agriculture Building
  U of S - College of Agriculture x2 Units
  U of S Crop Science Field Lab x2 Units
  U of S Gordon Oaks Red Bear Student Centre
  U of S Student Health and Counselling Centre
  U of S Horticulture Field Lab
  U of S Kemen Crop Research Farm
  U of S Department of Biology-Mobile Unit
  U of S Williams Building, Centre for Continuing & Distance Education
  U of S Western College of Veterinary Medicine x4 Units
  U of S - Facilities Management
  U of S - Security Services x3 Units
  U of S-College of Kinesiology x2 Units
  U of S - College of Education
  U of S - College of Kinesiology
  U of S - Kisby Physical Activity Lab
  U of S - Rutherford Arena
  U of S - Griffiths Stadium x2 Units
  U of S Global Institute for Water Security, National Hydrology Research Centre

  Vanscoy Maple View Lodge
  Varsity Dental Group
  Vecima Networks
  Venables Machine Works
  Victoria School
  Vincent Massey School
  Van Houtte Café
  Vanscoy Skating Arena
  Vaugn Wyant Automotive Group
  Vendesta Technologies

  Wall Street Medical Building/Pillar Properties
  Warman Arena
  Warman City Hall
  Warman Cabinets
  Warman Metals
  Warman Home Centre
  Warman Legends Golf Course
  Warman Legend Centre x3 Units
  Warman Prairie Spirit School Division Office
  Wellpoint Health
  West Portal Church
  Western Canda Lottery Corporation
  Western Canada Lottery
  Westgate Alliance Church
  Whitecap Dakota First Nations x4 Units
  Western Development Museum Curatorial Centre
  Western Development Museum x2 Units
  Westmount School
  Westwind Aviation x2 Units
  Willows Golf & Country Club
  Warman Brian King Centre
  Warman Homes
  Wheaton GMC Buick Cadillac Ltd.
  Whitecap Dakota Health Centre
  Wildwood School
  White Buffalo Lodge
  Willowgreen Dental
  Willows Dental
  Wyant Race Group Way
  Wollaston Lake Lodge
  Woodbridge 2 Condominium
  Walter Murray Collegiate
  W.P Bate School
  WRT Equipment Ltd.
  WSP Canada x2 Units
  Warman Truss
  Western Redi-Mix Inc.
  Wolf Willow Cohousing

  Xylem Inc

  Your Link
  YMCA x3 Units

 Zion Lutheran Church Gym

Newly Added Heart Safe Locations - February 2020

University of Saskatchewan - Faculty Club
Riverfront Condominium
Eb's Source for Adventure
Sunrise Foods International
Holy Trinity Catholic School - Warman
Ecole Holy Mary Catholic School - Martensville
St. Kateri Tekakwitha School
St. Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic School
St. Nicholas Catholic School
St. Theresa of Lisieux Catholic School
Sask Power - Tool Trailers
St. John Bosco Church
Saskatoon Wildlife Federation
Sask Power QEPS - Pump House
Verdient Foods - Vanscoy
Meewasinota CRF
Lakeview Church
St. John Anglican Cathedral
Agricultural & Agra Food Canada
POW City Mechanical
College of Physicians & Surgeons of Saskatchewan
Investors Group - McCormand Drive
STEP - Sask Trade & Export Partnership
Team Drilling
Grace Westminster United Church
St. Stephen's Anglican Church
Pillar Properties Corp.
Crossmount Centre for Health Aging
Mid-West Group of Companies
SAL Engineering
Limagrain Cereals Research
Wilson's Lifestyle Centre
Christ Church Anglican
Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan
Northend Dental
The Face Institute
RUH McKerracher Centre
NSC Minerals Ltd.
ASA Alloys
Can-Am Gymnastics Club
Kitchen & Bath Classics
Good Life Fitness - The Centre Mall
I-XL Building Products Ltd.
Wolseley Mechanical
Pro-Western Mechanical
Geransky Bros-Construction Ltd.
Crocus Co-operative Saskatoon
Motor Safety Association
Market Tire - Packham Place
Traffic Safety Court
Grosvenor Park United Church
Smithwick's Physiotherapy
Broadway Theatre
Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan
3twent Modular
STC Industrial Contracting
Lakewood Indoor Tennis Centre
Taiso Gymnastics Club
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Saskatoon Patient Lodge
Apex Trampoline Park
Mental Health and Addiction Services
Axiom Industries
CBI Health
City of Saskatoon - Civic Operations Centre
Saskatchewan Camps Association
U of S Merlis Belsher Place
Delisle Ag Co-op
Davis Machine Co.
Jaguar - Land Rover
Bike Doctor
Costco - Rosewood
St. Michael's Catholic Church
St. Peter the Apostle Parish
Boardwalk D Building
Warman High School
Dalmeny Funeral Home
Inland Steel Products
Saskatoon Fire & Flood
Wajax Industrial Components
Northern Quinoa Production Corporation
STC Health & Family Services Inc.
Mobil Grain
Boulevard Dental Centre
Crossmount - Glenlyon Hall
Community Health Centre - Market Mall
Remai Arts Centre
Cosmopolitan Senior Centre
Fire Baptist Church
Redekop Manufacturing
Wolfecroft Signs
ABC Canada Technology Group Ltd.
New Community Credit Union
Graham Construction
Kenderdine Medical Clinic
Anytime Fitness - University Heights
Optimist Hill - Diefenbaker Park
Wrench Fitness - Martensville
Willow Crest Condominium
Dynamo Electric
UEX - Corporation
Seiferling Law
Inland Kenworth
Komatsu Mining Corp. Group
Breck Construction
Thorpe Industries
Wheatland Dental
St. Joseph Roman Catholic Parish
University of Saskatchewan - Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
Royal Canadian Legion - Poppy Trustees
Mount Royal Emmanuel United Church
SLGA - Store 505
SLGA - Store 571
Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
Mental Health & Addiction Services
Kenroc Building Materials Co. Ltd.
Clavet School
Meewasin Valley Authority
Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency
Salvation Army - Men's Residence
The Bentley Condo Corp.
Earthworks Equipment
Titan Marketing Solutions
Cavalry Church
Lawson Heights Alliance Church
Confederation Mall


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